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Unattended Charging

  • Smart charge modules that detect open or shorted cells. If a defective cell is detected the CH0004 will not start charge cycle
  • No programming or special instruction set to achieve safe and complete recharge of battery
  • In no event will a battery be overcharged using the smart charging techniques of the CH0004

Wide Range Input Voltage

  • Allows operation from nearly any AC or DC power source likely to be encountered worldwide The CH0004 is a self-contained battery charger/conditioner mounted in a ruggedized environmentally resistant case, which provides a reliable and consistent recharge of one or two batteries simultaneously. The CH0004 auto senses battery type to assure proper charge profile.

Conditioning Cycle

  • Automatic discharge/recharge function included. The conditioning cycle can be activated individually per battery at operator’s option

Recharge Each String of Cells

  • To assure a positive recharge of the battery each individual string of cells in the battery is recharged independently

CE Mark Approval

  • CH0004 has approval for CE Mark