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Destroy Optical Media, Key Tape, USB Drives, and More

• Capacity Up to 150 pounds per Hr
• NSA/CSS Rating at 3/32” particle 75 Pounds per Hr
• Feed Opening 2” x 9” Media Feed Opening
• Waste Collection 35 Gallon Vacuum Collection System w/ Filter
• Noise Emission 72 to 78 dBA
• Power/ Horsepower .5 Hp at 115v 20 amp or 220v 15 amp (single phase)
• Dimensions (H x W x D) / Weight 59” x 51” x 25” / 575 Lbs
• Warranty Lifetime Warranty on non wear parts, 90 day Labor

The SEM Model 200 Disintegrator has been evaluated by NSA and with the standard 3/32″ screen, meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-02, High Security Disintegrators for PAPER and NSA/CSS 04-02, OPTICAL MEDIA Destruction Devices.

This SEM Disintegrator has been designed to accommodate materials typically not acceptable to a standard paper shredder. With thru-put rates up to 100 lbs/hr., this unit is NSA approved for the destruction of all levels of classified Paper Documents and Optical Media (CDs/DVDs). With an optional 5/64″ screen, the model 200 Disintegrator is also NSA/CSS 04-01 approved for KEY TAPE Destruction.