Ultralife 3V High Capacity D-Cell U10026, U10026-T1
(optional Ni tabs)

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• Same high capacity as Li-SOCI2 spiral wound cells
• High energy density
• No voltage delay
• Wide operating temperature range
• Lightweight
• Up to 10-year shelf life
• Long operating life
• Flat Ni-plated +/- End Caps

• Automotive electronics / telematics
• Alarm and security devices
• Search and rescue devices
• Military communications, detectors & imaging
• Medical devices
• Automatic meter readers (AMR)
• M2M (Machine to Machine) communications
• GPS / Mobile asset tracking

Technical Specifications
Part No.: U10026
U10026-T1: optional Ni tabs
NSN: 6135-01-566-1034
Voltage Range: 1.5 to 3.3V
Average Voltage: 3.0V
Nominal Capacity: 13.0Ah @ 250mA to 2.0V @ 23°C
Max. Discharge: 3.3A continuous
Pulse Capability: Up to 7.0A
Varies according to pulse
characteristics, temperature, cell history and the
application. Consult Ultralife.