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Both the SPC and SPC Lite are designed for charging multiple battery chemistries and over 100 different battery models in AC or DC mode.

State-of-the- art technology featuring high performance in a lightweight design for field deployment or shop usage.
Capable of simultaneously charging 2-8 batteries completely unattended; plus they automatically identify the specific
battery type and provide the appropriate charge profile.

See back of page for a sample of batteries and their respective adapters.

Size / Weight
• Length 24.0 in (610mm)
• Width 20.0 in (508mm)
• Height 9.0 in (229mm)
• Weight 27.5 lb (12.5 kg)

• Materials / Color

High impact ABS/Olive Drab
• Power Requirements
22V-28V DC, 15A, 90-260V AC, 47 to 420 Hz, 375 VA