Concert Series Introduction
The Meyer Sound Concert Series encompasses a complete line of loudspeaker systems, each designed to fulfill a specific role when configured as part of a medium-to-large scale sound reinforcement system. Arrays of Self-Powered Concert Series loudspeaker systems can be scaled to suit venues of any size or shape, drawing from the same inventory, with no need to either reconfigure amplifier/processing racks or send out unneeded equipment. And, because the Concert Series exhibits exceptionally uniform phase and frequency response characteristics across the entire product line, a well-designed system allows all audience members – wherever they are seated – to experience the same pristine sound quality.

Applications for the Concert Series include touring rental systems as well as permanent installations in stadia and arenas, auditoriums, houses of worship, theatres, concert halls, multimedia exhibits and theme park attractions. Concert Series loudspeaker systems are RMS (Remote Monitoring System) compatible, and a number of different rigging and flying options are available.

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MSL-6 : Horn-Loaded High-Q Main Loudspeaker
CQ-1 : Wide Coverage Main Loudspeaker
CQ-2 : Narrow Coverage Main Loudspeaker
MSL-4 : Horn-Loaded Long-Throw Loudspeaker
DS-4P : Horn-Loaded Mid-Bass Loudspeaker
DF-4 : Dedicated Downfill Loudspeaker

PSW-6 : High-Power Cardioid Subwoofer
700-HP : UltraHigh-Power Subwoofer
600-HP : Compact High-Power Subwoofer
650-P : High-Power Subwoofer