The Winegard SPA 1200 1.2 Meter Motorized Satellite Mount is a cost effective approach Internet & phone communication at any location because it eliminates the requirement for a certified satellite technician for installation pointing, re-pointing, or transporting it anywhere. The fact that the SPA is motorized means it may auto-acquire any Ku-band satellite at the touch of a button normally within 5 minutes.


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  • SPA 1.2 Meter Features
  • Can lock onto any Ku-Band satellite with one button in a few minutes.
  • Can be operated by anyone. No certified satellite installer needed.
  • Operates in extreme environments -40°F to 127°F (-40°C to +50°C) & windspeeds of 50+ MPH.
  • Perfect solution for energy and other enterprise applications that require a robust, easy use dish.
  • May find any iDirect capable Ku-Band satellite globally. Or use Ground Control service map
  • May use most any size transmitter (BUC) 6, 8, 10 or higher watts. Flexible waveguide.
  • Phone service for 1 to 10 phones (over satellite) can be provide by Ground Control.
  • Eliminates dispatching a certified satellite technician to repoint dish.
  • System can be physically moved to any location. Repointing is one button easy.
  • Computer control is not required. No software to load on any PC.
  • Rack-mountable touch-screen, web-interface controller included
  • Built-in DVB receiver, GPS, compass and tilt sensors
  • FCC part 25.209 compliant
  • Little or no periodic maintenance required. Easy field repair if required
  • Optional 1.2 Meter Non-Pen mount – $300 (for ground or roof-top mounting)
  • Optional Certified Installation – $899 (Note that SPA does NOT require certified installer)
  • Supported 24 x 7 by Ground Control
  • Standard Warranty – 1 year parts and on-site labor