Klas Pioneer GRRIP

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Klas Pioneer Features:

  • Small Flyaway Case: Everything fits in a single case that is airline carry-on (15.75″ x 13″ x 6.75″).
  • Easy to Use: It is quick to setup and uses standard applications such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Fully-Featured: It has all you need for a mobile office: Red-side router, black-side router, Talon PCMCIA card or SecNet 54 / KIV-54, 3 hour battery, AC/DC inputs, TCP accelerator, laptop, phone handset, 4 port switch.

Airline carry-on (28 lbs)
Small size – Pelican 1450 case (15.75” x 13”x 6.75”)
Fully sealed, waterproof case
All components fit in single case


110-230V AC Auto-sensing and Auto-switching
10-36V DC Auto-sensing
Battery backup for 3 hours for all devices inthe system
Compatible with standard 12V/10A carsockets
Contains Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) with Auto Changeover
Safety built into design for battery, DC andAC supplies
Battery is user accessible and removable

Ease of Use

Automatic network setup and detection.
Uses standard office applications


KLASPiONEER Express is available with the
option of two different Type 1 encryption devices
Option A:
Talon PCMCIA card
Option B:
SecNet 54 / KIV-54
Fully tested over BGAN
FIPS 140-2 Black-side VPN
Supports external crypto such as KG-250,KG-175
Designed to meet Tempest requirements for red and black devices