KMW2030 125 Watt AMFM-UHF VHF DAMA Amplifier

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The AR Modular RF Model KMW2030 is an auto-band switching AM/FM-UHF/VHF DAMA amplifier for signals in the 30 to 512 MHz frequency range, with an optional external low-noise pre-amplifier for use in the UHF SATCOM mode.

Operation of the amplifier requires only MODE and POWER LEVEL selection. The amplifier provides transmit power on the UHF SATCOM, UHF Line-of-Sight (LOS) and VHF LOS bands. The amplifier supports the UHF SATCOM band for Mil-Std 188-182, 5kHz and Mil-Std 188-183, 25 kHz DAMA and 188-181, Non-DAMA, with or without the optional external preamplifier, and supports both HPW and Mil-Std 181B waveforms. PIN-DIODE T/R switching ensures DAMA/HPW switching time requirements and UHF CO-SITE filtering helps to eliminate interference from adjacent transmitters.

The amplifier is protected against antenna mismatch, over-temperature, excessive current draw, high VSWR, and DC power mismatch. LED indicators show output power, VSWR, temperature and input drive fault conditions. External connections are limited to RF input; RF output, DC power, and RS232 control lines.

The amplifier is self-contained, splash proof, and designed for military ground, vehicular and aircraft tactical operations. The amplifier is available in matte black only. The optional external pre-amplifier is waterproof and is powered via a single RF cable.

• for signals in the 30 to 512 MHz frequency range
• Radio Vendor independent design. Single and multi-band radio compatible with just an RF connection
• Full 30 MHz – 512 MHz band coverage
• Low input power for full output
• Vehicle power compatible 24 volt systems, filtered and transient protected.
• JITC Certified
• 3 year Warranty from a company with 35+ years in the business.