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No Power Required Manual Operation

For field deployment or where power is not available or needed, the SEM Model ME-P3M is the ideal choice. The unit is designed to degauss 5000 oe Standard ( LMR ) and Perpendicular Magnetic Recorded ( PMR ) Hard Drives and/or Magnetic Tapes quickly and easily. The Mag EraSURE ME-P3M provides noiseless operation! The degaussing process generates ZERO NOISE.


The unit is operated by a MANUAL HAND CRANK METHOD with a cycle time of just 10 seconds requiring no electricity or power to operate the unit. The actual degaus cycle time is one second as the drive passes through the magnetic field.

Technology Permanent Rare Earth Fixed magnet
NSA Listed Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List
NSA Coercivity Rating Up to 5000 Oe for PMR & LMR Hard Drives

& 2800 Oe for Data Tapes

Media Size Up to 1” H x 4.75” W x 7.5” D
Power / HP NONE – Manual Hand Crank
Cycle Time / Duty Cycle 10 Seconds by Hand Crank
Actual Degaussing Time 1 Second
Dimensions (WxDxH)/ Weight 18” x 29” x 12” / 190 Lbs
Std Warranty 5 yr Limited on Non Wear Items / 90 Day labor