Protonex SPM-612

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spm-612 benefits
• Manages and prioritizes battery usage
• Powers man-packable gear
• Recharges military and commercial batteries
• Optimizes solar/alternative power sources
• Monitors power sources and loads, alerting warfighter to problems
• Dynamically adjusts to changing mission needs
• Smart Cable ID configures ports automatically
• Provides graphical display to show power trends and permits advanced configuration

The SPM dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s dismounted warfighter, while actively monitoring and managing power usage to assure mission success. Protonex’ unique system design combines leading edge advances in ultra-high efficiency power conversion, equipment power management, and energy harvesting technology in one product to offer benefits nowhere else available to military users. The SPM system design offers a lightweight, compact, and rugged intelligent power management solution designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of military field use. This unit directly powers virtually any man-packable military equipment, recharges a squad’s batteries, and intelligently adjusts to changing mission conditions or requirements.