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QuickFly is a collection of custom designed rigging, flying and mounting systems created exclusively for Meyer Sound loudspeakers. Details of individual components are available via the links on this page. QuickFly products are safe (when used within the manufacturer’s published safe working loads and tolerances), easy to use, and cost-effective. Array and single cabinet arrangements are easier to assemble and break down, thus reducing load-in/out time and labor costs. And, as a flying system, QuickFly components are both ingeniously simple and supremely flexible. Arrays, or individual cabinets, can be easily configured at precise angles to take full advantage of the directional characteristics of each component cabinet. QuickFly accommodates (where appropriate) flexible vertical angling without pull-up points or strapping, while multiple horizontal splay angles allow wide coverage or tight packing for longer throw. QuickFly’s enhanced arraying capability can substantially improve overall system performance, particularly in acoustically difficult venues.