Studio Series Introduction

Meyer Sound studio monitors are recognized throughout the recording industry as an indispensable tool for any application requiring an extremely transparent and objective audio signal reference. Using patented phase correction circuits, Meyer Sound monitors produce a near-perfect impulse response, free from the distortions and image smearing of conventional designs. Meyer Sound monitors do not color the program material with their own particular sonic character, but rather represent the input signal with the highest degree of accuracy, clarity and definition possible from an electromechanical system.

A breakthrough product when introduced in 1989, the Meyer Sound HD-1 High Definition Audio Monitor continues to set the standard for phase accuracy, flat frequency response and stable imaging in a variety of near- to mid-field applications.

Compact yet extremely powerful, the self-powered Meyer Sound X-10 High Resolution Linear Control Room Monitor exhibits extremely low distortion and a wide “sweet spot.” In addition, by employing cutting-edge control technology adapted from avionics, the X-10 demonstrates an extraordinarily linear response characteristic: the frequency response curve does not change with variations in output levels.

Applications for Meyer Sound studio monitors include recording and mastering studios, fixed and mobile broadcast studios, video and film production facilities, ADR and Foley stages, and SFX mixing suites.

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HD-1 : High Definition Audio Monitor
X-10 : Linear Control Room Monitor
X-800 : High-Power Subwoofer