TCR-BT-01 (Remote Bias Tee System)

Click the above photo to download a PDF data sheet.

The Tricom Research TCR-BT-01 Remote Bias Tee System combines RF signals and DC power onto a single coax cable. This allows an RF power amplifier to be located remotely using only a single coax interface cable. At the remotely located amplifier, a second “reverse” Bias Tee separates the RF and DC signals for operation with the TCR-MBA-50 or other power amplifier.

Locating the TCR-MBA-50 remotely puts the PA’s output power and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) at the antenna improving transmit power and receive noise figure.

• Covers full 30-512Mhz spectrum
• Places the PA at the antenna
• Interoperable with (TCR-BIAS-50-100) Bias Tee as well as AM-SAT-50, AMSAT- 100 and TCR-MBA-75 NBT amplifiers.
• Recessed on/off button to eliminate breakage
• DC Input, DC On and TX LED’s
• DC over current protection
• Rugged, weather proof housing