TCR-HHR-01 (Mobile Communications Kit)

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The Tricom Research Handheld radio Mobile Communications Kit is designed as a fly away communications kit for use with the Harris AN/PRC‐ 152 and 152A Multi‐Band Radios. It allows an operator to rapidly install a LOS, SATCOM, or Wideband communications link virtually anywhere to include military and commercial vehicles or “TOC in a Box” applications. The compact case holds a TCR‐MBA‐50 WB Wideband/Multi‐Band RF amplifier with custom heatsink for air flow cooling, two BA‐ 5590 style batteries (user supplied), a DC‐DC power adapter for the radio, a radio battery charger, a temperature controlled dual fan enclosure for power amplifier cooling and an egress panel for easy access to antenna, data , PA remote and input power connections. Connections are provided for a SATCOM antenna, LOS antenna and wideband antenna.

• Integrated radio battery charging.
• uP controlled DC power and cooling system.
• Custom PA heat sink for more efficient fan cooling operation in a splash proof case (when lid is closed)
• Automatic PA DC mode of operation based on DC voltage source (battery, commercial vehicle 12‐14 VDC or military vehicle 24‐28 VDC)
• USB interfaces for PA remote and radio data
• Up to 50 Watts transmit power output (User selectable)
• Auto frequency selection
• Highly portable
• Multi‐Band 30‐512Mhz
• Wide‐Band Operation 225‐450Mhz
• Automatic switching, UPS capability when external DC power is lost
• Automatic battery bypass with external power applied
• Optional remote capable amplified speaker w/operation up to 50’
• Backup battery status indicator (does not charge XX90 batteries)