TCR-HHR-BX1 (Handheld Radio Fly Away Kit)

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The Tricom Research Mobile Communications Kit is designed as a fly away communications kit for use with the AN/PRC-148 Multi-Band Inter Team Handheld Radio (MBITR) and the Harris AN/PRC-152 Multi-Band Handheld Radio package. It allows an operator to rapidly install a Line of Site or SATCOM communications link virtually anywhere to include military and commercial vehicles. The compact case holds a TRC-MBA-25 Multi-Band RF amplifier, three BA5590 type batteries (User supplied), a power adapter, and cradle for either the Thales AN/PRC-148 or Harris AN/PRC-152. The kit allows the operator to power both the Handheld Radio and the amplifier from the internal batteries, an external cigarette lighter cable, or from an A/C power supply (power supply and cables are included).

• 18 – 40 Watts Transmit Power
• Auto Frequency Selection
• Highly Portable
• Multi-Band 30-512Mhz
• Multiple Power Sources
• Automatic Battery Bypass with External Power applied