TCR-MPR-01 (Mobile Radio Communications)

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The Tricom Research Mobile Communications Kit is designed as a fly away communications kit for use with the Harris AN/PRC-117G Multi-Band Radio. It allows an operator to rapidly install a Line of Site or SATCOM communications link virtually anywhere to include military and commercial vehicles. The compact case holds a TRC-MBA-50 Multi-Band RF amplifier, one BA5590 battery (User supplied), an AC-DC power adapter, DC-DC power adapter, an amplified speaker, and an RF switch that allows automatic selection of the radio output port to the input of the RF power amplifier based on the mode of operation selected. Connections are provided for a SATCOM antenna, LOS antenna and wideband antenna.

• 10 – 50 Watts Transmit Power
• Auto Frequency Selection
• Highly Portable
• Multi-Band 30-512Mhz
• Multiple Power Sources
• UPS capability when external power is lost
• Automatic Battery Bypass with External Power applied
• Amplified Speaker
• RF Switch for Automatic Radio and Antenna Port Selection