TCR-RFS-03 (RF Switch Matrix)

Click the above photo to download a PDF data sheet.

The TCR-RFS-03 is designed for use with the TCR-MBA-50 WB and the AN/PRC-117G in multiple antenna installations, automatically switching the amplified RF path based on the operating mode of the TCR-MBA-50 WB RF amplifier.

• Supports multiple antenna output transceivers like the AN/PRC-117G
• Input/Output controlled directly by the TCR-MBA-50 WB through the power amplifier’s auxiliary port. When the mode on the TCR-MBA-50 WB is changed it routes the RF to the appropriate transceiver RF port. Modular design allows the TCR-RFS-03 to be attached directly to the TCR-MBA-50 WB RF amplifier or mounted separately.
• Rugged design housed in an aluminum splash proof enclosure
• Aux RF port for attaching an additional single antenna port multi-band transceiver i.e. AN/PRC-152/152A, AN/PRC-148 JEM or AN/PSC-5D.