TRC-MBA-25 25 Watt RF Amplifier

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The TCR-MBA-25 is a Multiband RF Power Amplifier designed to improve communications in tactical environments.

The amplifier employs bi-directional filtering to suppress co-site interference from near-by radios and antennas. Various DC power sources can be used with the amplifier from a single BA-5590 battery to 12 or 24 volt vehicle power. Automatic frequency detection selects the proper harmonic filter across the entire frequency range and dedicated LOS and SATCOM connections are provided. Power cables for battery, 12, and 28 Volt operations are supplied. A coaxial cable for connection to a radio is also included.

The transmit power from the amplifier is automatically set to the optimum level depending on the DC power source used, simplifying operation. Transmit power is nominally 18, 24, or 40 Watts and is independent of RF input power level.

• MULTIBAND Operation with Dedicated SATCOM and LOS Ports
• SATCOM COSITE Suppression
• 18/24/40 Watts Transmit Power
• Compatible with the AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, AN/PSC-5 and other tactical radios
• Rugged, Compact and Efficient
• JITC DAMA Certified and SINCGARS compatible
• Simple Front Panel Operator Controls
• Easy Installation
• Natural Convection Cooling