TRC-MBA-75 75 Watt RF Amplifier

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The TCR-MBA-75 is a JITC DAMA Certified 75 Watt Remote Multiband RF Power Amplifier providing transmit and receive amplification across the 30-512 MHz band.

The TCR-MBA-75 is suitable for vehicular, airborne, maritime or fixed station applications and is compatible with manpack and handheld multiband military radios.

The Amplifier is weather-proof and may be remotely located near the antenna for optimum performance. The Bias-Tee II, which provides remote control of the amplifier functions, is connected to the Amplifier via a single coax cable.

The Bias-Tee II provides remote control of the Transmit Power Level, LNA operation, Bypass Capability, and selection of SATCOM, LOS, and Frequency Hopping modes of operation. An RS-232 port provides the ability to remote the operation of the system from a PC.

• MULTIBAND Operation with Dedicated SATCOM and LOS Ports
• SATCOM COSITE Elimination
• 35/50/75 Watts Transmit Power
• Battle Proven with >10,000 MRAP Installations
• Rugged, Compact and Efficient Design
• AM-SAT-50 and RAMP-75 Common Form Factor and Mounting Scheme
• Simple Front Panel Operator Controls
• DAMA Certified, HAVE QUICK and SINCGARS compatible (IW compatible version available upon request)