TRC-MBA-75-NBT 75 Watt RF Amplifier

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The TCR-MBA-75 (NBT) is a Multiband RF Power Amplifier using the same battle proven technology and form factor as Tricom’s TCR-MBA-75.

In response to customer requests, the requirement to use a remote control head (Bias Tee II) has been eliminated and instead the operator controls have been reduced to four rugged pushbuttons on the amplifier’s front panel. These controls, with the expanded LED indicators, provide system status and operating conditions and greatly reduce the likelihood of damaged operating switches. The Bias Tee I can be used to remotely power the amplifier at the antenna.
(See manual for setup and advanced operation)

The installation of the amplifier is also simplified with less cabling and a common connector interface panel. Operation is simple and straightforward and all performance specifications are identical to the Bias Tee equipped system including electrical, environmental and physical mounting.

• MULTIBAND Operation with Dedicated SATCOM and LOS Ports
• SATCOM COSITE Elimination
• 35/50/75 Watts Transmit Power
• Battle Proven with >7,200 MRAP Installations
• Rugged, Compact and Efficient Design
• AM-SAT-50 and Common Form Factor and Mounting scheme
• Simple Front Panel Operator Controls
• DAMA Certified, HAVE QUICK, SINCGARS and IW compatible