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The Model TS-1 NSA Listed Electromagnetic degausser uses proven solid-state technology to provide a 20,000 gauss erasing field ensuring complete and tape erasure of classified data.

A built-in magnetic field verification system confirms field strength of every erasure cycle. Hard drives up to 1″ high as well as a wide variety of tape media can be degaussed by placing them into the TS-1 media drawer and pressing the Erase button.

Technology Capacitive Discharge Degausser
NSA Certification Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List
Duty Cycle Continuous
Erasure time 45 Seconds
Magnetic Field 2.0Telsa ( 20,000 Gauss )
Media Hard Drives up to 1” thick including full height, standard and laptop drives, tapecartridges including DLT, LTO, 3590 series, 8 mm and more.
Erasing Area Size 1” H x 4.5” W x 6.75” D
Temperature / Humidity 10⁰ F – 112⁰F / 10% H – 40% H ( non-condensing)
Dimensions / Weight 21.5” x 17.5’ x 19” / 144 Lbs
Warranty 1 year Factory warranty
Certifications Pending ( CE, ANSI )