UBI-2590 SF SMBus UBBL36

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• Rugged, military construction
• SmartCircuit Technology® – implements SMBus v1.1 smart battery communication
• State-of-Charge display
• High energy density
• Compatible with existing UBI-2590 accesssories and chargers
• Self-protects from accidental 24V discharge attempts

• Rugged, Portable Electronics
• Robotics / AUV’s / UUV’s

Optional Accessories
• CH0002: Desktop charger
• CH0003: 6-bay tactical suitcase charger
• CH0004: 2-bay tactical suitcase charger
• MRC-135A: Single Unit Solar Charger
• UADXXX: Full-size 2590 adapter. Allows for smaller and lighter battery to be used in applications designed for full 2590.
• CA0002: 4 Conductor Cable
• CA0007: 12V, 2 Conductor Cable
• CA0008: 12/24V, 4 Conductor Cable
• UAD0012: XX90 Rechargeable Mating Connector
• See the XX90 Battery & Accessory
Reference Guide on Ultralife’s website