How to Buy GSA

NBCP’s Schedule 56 offers hundreds of options in tactical communications hardware, tactical batteries, solar power and tactical lighting solutions. NBCP offers customers access to competitive pricing and experts knowledgeable about all products at hand, as well as complete system solutions.

  • GS-07F-0489X  – Tactical Communications Hardware: Amplifiers, Batteries, Backups and Solar Power Generation Equipment – Schedule 56

Advantages of Using GSA Contracts:

  • Pre-determined fair and reasonable pricing with quality assurance and quality product.
  • Purchase anytime or anywhere using GPC/IMPAC Cards, Purchase Orders or by contacting NBCP directly.

How To Order GSA items through GSA Advantage:

  • Go to GSA Advantage using the Schedule 56, GS-07F-0489X summary link above.
  • Select the items and place them in your online cart then follow your normal checkout procedure. A purchase order will be generated automatically.
  • You may also contact a GSA customer representative and they will send a purchase order directly to NBCP.
  • Orders placed under Schedule 70, GS-35F-0143R unfortunately require assistance. A NBCP representative will be happy to assist.

How To Place GSA Order Directly With NBCP:

  • Call us for a GSA quote. A representative will provide you a quote with GSA pricing and the appropriate GSA number for your purchase.
  • Issue NBCP a Purchase Order referencing the appropriate GSA number or simply provide us your Credit Card/IMPAC-GPC Card number for payment.