Compact, lightweight and versatile P25 mobile radio featuring AES encryption, interoperability, and the AMBE+2 vocoder for loud and clear digital audio.

• Multiple power options (24V HMMWV, 12V, 110V)
• Multiple case colors (black, green, yellow, orange)
• Closed case operation with included external
handheld control head microphone
• UHF, VHF or 700/800 MHz bands

• All supported protocols available simultaneously
• AES, DES, and DES-OFB encryption with 64 keys
• Compatible with Motorola® System v 7.x and
Motorola Astro®
• SMARTNET® II/SmartZone® interoperability
• Conventional vote scan is standard
• Supports MDC-1200 and GE-Star signaling
• Up to 864 talkgroups
• Over-the-Air programming (OTAP) option
enables you to program radios in the field
• Easy radio programming & feature updating with
EFJohnson’s PC Configure™ software
• Simplified cabling with single multi-function
accessory connection in the rear