At the heart of every FALCON® II radio is its softwarebased design. This open software architecture extends radio hardware life cycles and facilitates the insertion of new technology and capability through software upgrades. More than a dozen HF waveforms and major features have been added since FALCON® II’s introduction.

Usability was a key design objective from day one. The radio features a removable keypad display unit allowing soldiers to fully control the radios even when the radios are buried in their rucksacks.

Harris has embedded the encryption into the radio, eliminating the need for external boxes. This embedded COMSEC allows secure ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communications in all HF modes and in fixed-frequency modes with SINCGARS radios.

When used to communicate with coalition forces, the AN/PRC-150(C) can be switched from Type 1 to Citadel® encryption, allowing secure interoperability with the thousands of FALCON® II exportable radio users.

• Leading HF technology – Harris sets the standard for reliable long-haul HF communication for tactical requirements
• Software-defined platform – enables adaptability to changing mission requirements through software upgrades
• Security to meet the mission – Type-1 and coalition COMSEC enable the highest security possible while maintaining critical interoperability
• Assured high-quality voice and data – combination of MELP technology and serial tone modem ensure maximum quality and range even over poor quality channels
• The AN/PRC-150(C) features Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) and high performance Third Generation ALE (3G) to provide superior linking and error-free data performance
• Advanced frequency hopping – ensures consistent, secure communications even in the presence of jamming
• Military-grade durability – Field-proven design meets MIL-STD-810G requirements