Misc Engineering 100133A-01 SHOCK MOUNT TRAY (117G)

Transceivers with attached power adapters or power supplies easily attach directly to the Transceiver Shock Mount Tray by using the single latch in the front. Mount is equipped with a vinyl coated stainless steel locking cable to secure the transceiver to the mount.

The 100133A-01 Transceiver Shock MountTray uses four vibration mounts mounted between the top and bottom plates to protect the transceiver from shock and vibration.

• The 100133A-01 Transceiver Shock Mount Tray is designed to allow ease of installation of transceivers with attached power adapters or power supplies.

• The 100133A-01 can be used where vibration or shock to transceivers is a concern.(HMMWV’s, Stryker’s, MRAP’s, etc.